9th December 2013

Little India Riot – My Experience With Foreign Workers

In Days of My Life

My generation has now seen our first riot.

All of a sudden this sense of peace and safety within our little country is shaken if not shattered completely. What we usually see in videos of a large angry mob smashing vehicles, we see it take place in foreign countries. For the first time we’re seeing it happen in Singapore.

It’s understandable that a lot of people are upset or angry right now, and most of these feelings are being directed to foreign nationals on a whole – in particular, the ones living in Little India. After all, our country had peace for so long.

All of a sudden we have a riot again after 40 years.

7th December 2013

2013 | The Surprisingly Good Year

In Days of My Life

I didn’t have a good time in 2011 and 2012.

Actually, why am I being so kind about this? I had a HORRIBLE year in 2011 and 2012 was pleasant mostly because I completed my National Service that year.

Last night I got bored and started going through my Facebook Timeline, looking back until the start of the year. And surprise, surprise, I actually had a pretty good year.

11th November 2013
Endless love

5 Ways To NOT Get A Girlfriend

In Just 2 Cents

This post would probably be a lot more popular without the ‘NOT’ in the title, but uh, yeah… I don’t exactly have the qualification write a ‘How To Get A Girlfriend’ post. No matter, I haven’t written anything in a long time and I don’t want another post about NS so I’ll do this instead.

Before we begin, allow me to invalidate everything that you’re about to read by saying this: If a girl likes you then you can pretty much do any or everything that is listed below and STILL get the girl. You just have to take note of the following if the girl has yet to fall for you.

Now with that said, here’s a bunch of pretty obvious but not obvious enough things NOT to do to get a girlfriend.

10th September 2013

NSFs: 3 Things To Take Note About Your Girlfriend

In Army Days

Girls talk.

And when it comes to relationship and having a boyfriend who is serving, I keep hearing and observing the same issues coming up. It was one of the reasons why I wrote Understanding Your NSF Boyfriend Better. And I am sincerely glad to have received so many messages from girls telling me that I’ve helped them out.

Now one of the things I’ve noticed is that the girls tend to not voice out these issues to their boyfriends. To be fair, I can understand why they would feel that way. It’s rather similar to how most guys weren’t able to share what I wrote about in my other article.

I was thinking perhaps I could help the girls out this time around.

21st July 2013

Course Correction

In Days of My Life, Eternal Tales

The White Shield Trilogy is going to go on a hiatus.

I failed.

Self-Publishing A Squire’s Quest was a risk that involved time, effort, and very importantly, money. It was a venture that unfortunately did not pen out as I hoped it would. While the initial support was great, the story wasn’t able to sustain itself.

10th June 2013

The Truth About NSF Clerks

In Army Days, Days of My Life

During my NSF life I’ve had the opportunity to serve as both a combatant and a non-combatant.

I spent about a year in each field so I’d say that my experience on both sides are sufficient, since what I might lack in experience I’ve had the opportunity to observe. So it is with that balanced perspective that I say this.

Clerks have more benefits and Combatants have a tougher life if not for the job scope then for the simple fact that they are exposed to more dangers than clerks are.

I am not writing this article to say that life as a clerk is tougher and more difficult than a combatant. No. As I’ve mentioned, combatants work in a much more dangerous environment. What I hope to get across though is for combatants and others to have a better understanding of what a clerk’s life in the army is really like.

Because it is nowhere near as great as you think.