9th December 2013

Little India Riot – My Experience With Foreign Workers

In Days of My Life

My generation has now seen our first riot.

All of a sudden this sense of peace and safety within our little country is shaken if not shattered completely. What we usually see in videos of a large angry mob smashing vehicles, we see it take place in foreign countries. For the first time we’re seeing it happen in Singapore.

It’s understandable that a lot of people are upset or angry right now, and most of these feelings are being directed to foreign nationals on a whole – in particular, the ones living in Little India. After all, our country had peace for so long.

All of a sudden we have a riot again after 40 years.

10th June 2013

The Truth About NSF Clerks

In Army Days, Days of My Life

During my NSF life I’ve had the opportunity to serve as both a combatant and a non-combatant.

I spent about a year in each field so I’d say that my experience on both sides are sufficient, since what I might lack in experience I’ve had the opportunity to observe. So it is with that balanced perspective that I say this.

Clerks have more benefits and Combatants have a tougher life if not for the job scope then for the simple fact that they are exposed to more dangers than clerks are.

I am not writing this article to say that life as a clerk is tougher and more difficult than a combatant. No. As I’ve mentioned, combatants work in a much more dangerous environment. What I hope to get across though is for combatants and others to have a better understanding of what a clerk’s life in the army is really like.

Because it is nowhere near as great as you think.

29th May 2013

Understanding Your NSF Boyfriend Better

In Army Days

A lot of relationships end with a break up after the boyfriend enlists to serve his National Service.

The number one thing we say to these guys goes along the line of this, “Bro, if she can’t even wait for you to finish serving, then she’s not worth your time! Forget her!” And then something about a big ocean with lots of other fishes and throwing a net or something.

Sounds like a reasonable consolation right?

Well not exactly, at least not from what I’ve observed when my female friends come to me for advice.

22nd May 2013
Ryan Higa

YouTube FanFest 2013

In Days of My Life

Yesterday I attended the YouTube FanFest 2013 after receiving two free tickets from Ryan Higa. At first I thought that the tickets were just for the concert show, but after receiving an e-mail reminder about the event I found out that it actually included the Invitation-Only Meet & Greet Session.

There were so many children screaming for Ryan that my ears still hurt.

29th April 2013
Stand by bed | Tosh Rock Zhang

Surviving Pulau Tekong

In Army Days

I’m not writing this to tell you what you can already learn from the CyberPioneer video series or the recent Ah Boys to Men movies. What I will be sharing with you is what I got from my BMTC experience in Tekong almost two years ago.

Things have changed quite a bit since my time in Tekong. For example I hear that Commanders are no longer allowed to turn-out the company as a punishment, nor can they make you High Kneel for extended periods of time.

Good for you if it’s true, but the tips I’m about to share will likely still be relevant.

13th March 2013

Photowalk At Changi Beach Park

In Days of My Life, Photowalks

My very first photowalk with my Olympus EM-5 at Changi Beach park!