Book Two

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A Knight's Pilgrimage

Hailed now by many as the Hero of Hylan, Fayte must now travel across the kingdom to grand and historical locations as part of his pilgrimage to receive the Light of the Spirits. A blessing from Sera that would assure him of his knighthood. But tragedy strikes during his journey and Fayte found himself commanded by the King to investigate a new threat to the kingdom of Hylan.

Once again joined by Wilson and his companion Preston, Fayte must journey across Hylan to uncover this plot as he struggles with his past and his feelings for the Princess, Emily Whiteart.

Join Fayte as he battles new enemies and visit the great cities of Iredis, the City of Learning, and Gwedoniar, the Gryphon City, as he sets off to save the kingdom of Hylan once more in... A Knight's Pilgrimage.