The Story Thus Far

For those of you who have waited long for this book, here is a brief summary to refresh your memory of what you read in A Squire's Quest. The following is a list of details important to A Knight's Pilgrimage.

1.       The series is set in the kingdom of Hylan, ruled by King Eardon of the royal Whiteart family who resides in Castle Rondiar in the capital city of Rondiar. To the west of Hylan is the desert nation of Saldara, ruled by Emperor Ringor La'ou, and to the north immediately beyond the Northern Gate is the East Kingdom.

2.       Hylan is defended by the three Orders of Rondiar: The Order of the White Shield, The Order of the Elements, and The Order of the White Rose.

3.       Fayte Kaywin, the protagonist of this series, is a squire in the Order of the White Shield. He is the son of Lord-Knight Frendon Kaywin. His mother was murdered when their home in the city of Zywedior was attacked by the Saldarians during the War of Darkness of Light. He has two younger sisters whose graves are placed beside their mother.

4.       Emily Whiteart, Princess of Hylan, is a close friend to Fayte Kaywin. She seeks to make peace between her kingdom of Hylan and the enemy kingdom of Saldara, and bolster Hylan's defences against the Black City through an alliance with Saldara.

5.       Wilson Sayde, a Priest from the Order of the White Rose, and his white dragon, Preston, are both close friends to Fayte Kaywin. Wilson has a younger sister, Amelia, who he loves deeply. Their parents were both heroes who gave their lives in the War of Darkness and Light.

6.       Rinmar La'ou, Crown Prince of Saldara, seeks to make peace with Hylan. Saldara is torn by civil war and famine. Only with aid from Hylan will his nation be able to survive. He sacrificed himself to save Emily and in the process earned the King's trust, though his life was spared in the end thanks to High Sage Kestel for discovering a banishing spell against the demon.

7.       In A Squire's Quest, Fayte unknowingly found himself on a quest to rescue his best friend, Princess Emily Whiteart, when the Prince of Saldara appeared in Hylan to propose peace between the two nations. Fayte's journey took him across Hylan battling slavers, earth animations, and elite Saldarian warriors known as Scygards.

8.       His quest took him to many places: Ironsville, a small village of iron smiths; Redpath, a town of mercenaries ruled by the guild Eronaxe; Harvesria, the town of harvest and main supplier of crops for the kingdom; and Eres Star City, where Captain Resfield resides.

9.       The events culminated to a massive battle between Lord-Knight Frendon and the Saldarian demon, Ra'gelor (previously Phtor'kiel). Supported by members of High Command from the Orders of Rondiar, and a blade imbued by blood magic with the blood of Kamille, Rinmar's half-sister, the Lord-Knight successfully defeated the demon and weakened it enough to be imprisoned with magic.

10.   When Fayte was finally able to reunite with Emily, he found her in the arms of the Saldarian Prince instead. Soon after that Emily announced that she would be marrying Rinmar, and both Hylan and Saldara would join in peace as well. Unable to see the girl he loved join hands with the Prince of the nation who murdered his family, Fayte focused on his next journey and set off on his knight's pilgrimage.