Book One

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Book One

They killed his family and now they seek to be allies.

Fayte Kaywin, a squire of the Order of the White Shield, was due to set off on his pilgrimage after his final tournament as a squire. But the tournament never saw its end for the kingdom of Hylan, already at war with the nation of Saldara, was now plagued by a Saldarian demon.

Those buried and put to rest walked the earth once more, and the very land of Hylan was beginning to tear itself apart. The kingdom's only hope was offered by the Prince of Saldara, who claimed the demon was not their doing, and hoped to win the King's trust and bring peace between the two kingdoms.

However, too much blood had already been spilled.

Failing to convince the King of his call for peace, the Prince had no choice but to escape with the Princess of Hylan as hostage, hoping to save the plagued kingdom on his own to prove himself. Acting on his love for the Princess, Fayte quickly found himself on a quest to save not only the girl he loved, but also the very kingdom he had sworn to protect.

Joining Fayte on his quest was his friend, Wilson Sayde, the youngest priest Hylan had seen in over a hundred years, and Preston the white dragon, companion to Wilson, along with an elite Saldarian warrior whose clan had spilled the blood of his family and thousands more.

Will Fayte be able to let go of his vengeance? Why did the demon only choose to appear now? Can the Prince be trusted?

These are the questions Fayte must answer in… A Squire's Quest.